The time of Cherries – our first demo + dinner party at The Kingston Social

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the time of cherries

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Un gout de trop peu..  Chlo! –

The Only Café

We like to go to “the Only Café”, not for their coffee (we didn’t try it yet) but for their beers’ selection. Located in The East End in Toronto, this place offers over 230 bottles and cans as well as 25 local craft brews on tap. A cozy ambiance created by a collection of heteroclite paintings and antiques, we feel like being in a friends’ house. We can enjoy our drink inside as well as outside. Their patio is huge.

We like to go there because we can enjoy a sampling of 5 beers for $10. This is a great interlude after a day of work, or during the WE. This option gives us the opportunity to taste different beers and/or apple ciders without having the brain completely clouded.

Two days ago, we have tried four really interesting beers and one apple cider and I would like to share my experience with you. A journey through different savors!

1)      Dieu du ciel – Aphrodisiaque

This is one of my favorite stout beers, made in Quebec. It is a very balanced beer, not sweet at all despite its rich chocolate syrup, roasted malts, and vanilla beans taste. After each sip, I enjoyed a dark chocolate bitterness on the palate. Yummy!

2)      Beau’s – Dark Helmut

I love beau’s beers. Not only because they produce only organic beers but also because of the complexity of flavors that I can identify when tasting them.  “Tout en rondeur!”, this is what characterizes Beau’s beers. We are never disappointed. My partner is not a fan of commercialized recipes, but this particular one lives up to his standards.

This beer is an extra-strong version of a German black lager (also name Schwarzbier). Something new for me! Really delicious!

3)      Oast House – Country Bumpkin

This is my first pumpkin ale. A great discovery for me! Some really pleasant notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel malt, which gives a nice spicy character to this beer! The mild pumpkin flavor is there, you can smell it but you might not distinguish it if you are not looking for it specifically.

4)      Innocente confessions

This beer is different from the IPA beers I have tasted previously. It is a nice Belgian-style IPA with some elegant spicy notes. Very hoppy, yet just the right amount of hops! It is nicely complex. Really delicious after tasting three darker beers!

5)      Waupoos County Cider

Hard for me not to compare to french apple cider! I love when the cider is strong and dry. It is sentimental. I spent some time asking myself, what do you like in this apple cider? It is light for sure, but really fruity and crispy… something different but really nice.

If you are living in Toronto, or if you are coming for a visit, do not hesitate to go at The Only Café to enjoy some great beers and let me know. I will be happy to read your comments and hear about your experience there.  Drinking beer is a new world for me, and I really enjoy tasting them and discovering a combination of new fragrances!